AAC Sanctioned Trial Trial

Limited Entry

July 7&8, 2017
BB's Playground, 4281 Macaulay Rd, Black Creek, BC

Classes Offered & Schedule:
Steeplechase x3, Standard (Starters & Advance x2, Masters x3), Challenge x2, Gamble x2

All classes offered in Regular, Specials and Veterans Divisions as well as Junior Handlers.

Schedule as follows

Starters Standard 1Masters Gamble 1
Starters Standard 2Masters Gamble 2
Advance Standard 1Masters Standard 3
Advance Standard 2Challenge 2
Masters Standard 1Steeplechase 3
Masters Standard 2Starters Gamble 1
Challenge 1Starters Gamble 2
Steeplechase 1Advance Gamble 1
Steeplechase 2Advance Gamble 2

Entries Close: July 3, 2017 OR WHEN FULLTo be judged by the rules and regulations of the Agility Association of Canada.Our Distinguished Judge:
 Glenn Tiede

Each dog must have an AAC ID card to compete. You may enter with number pending, but must run For Exhibition Only if you don't have your dog's card at check-in. (ID Card Application and other forms available at AAC website.


Trial Secretary: (please direct all questions to:)

Glenn Tiede 4281 Macaulay Rd Black Creek V9J 1E1  tagagility@uniserve.com

Veterinarian on Call: Tutteli Pukarinen, Coastland Veterinary Hospital, phone 926-0006

All entrants are required to help at the trial.

CHECK IN / MEASURING: Check in and measuring start Friday at 2pm and Saturday at 8am. Please make sure you have your dog's AAC ID card with you. First dog on the line at Friday at 3pm and Saturday at 9am.

EQUIPMENT FAMILIARIZATION: Equipment familiarization for starter dogs..

PRIZES AND AWARDS: Ribbons will be awarded for first through forth place and rosettes will be awarded for qualifying runs. Titling ribbons will also be awarded to dogs that earn a title. There will be a helpers draw.

CONFIRMATION: Confirmation will be e-mailed to you. If you do not receive a confirmation letter 3 days  prior to the trial date or if there are errors please notify the Trial Secretary as soon as possible. This will help avoid delays the day of the trial.


To qualify for entry, the General Agreement must be signed and entry must be received with payment by the deadline. Please ensure that your entry is complete or the entry may be discarded.


Exhibitors, through submission of entry, acknowledge that they are familiar with AAC rules and regulations, including but not limited to the following:

This event is open to all dogs at least 18 months of age, purebred or mixed breed, except bitches in season, aggressive dogs, or dogs suffering from any deformity, injury or illness which may effect the dog's physical or mental performance.

Obstacles shall be chosen from those described in the current edition of the rules and regulations of the MC. No leads, collars, food, toys or other aids or devices shall be permitted on the course at any time. No toys or food on course during familiarization. It is expressly understood that exhibitors alone are responsible for the behavior of their dogs and/or children. Any exhibitor whose dogs and/or children create an unnecessary disturbance or repeatedly engage in unsafe or disruptive behavior may be asked to leave the show grounds and no refund of fees paid will be made. Exhibitors must keep crating and exercise areas clean. Please pick up after yourself and your dogs.

There will be no refund after the closing date for dogs that are withdrawn, with the exception of bitches in season or sick/injured dogs if we are provided with a vet's certificate.

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